STEAM [science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics] workshops for kids in Isefjord

Are children interested in building a robot or studying marine electronics?

We have a chance to find out when spending a week with amazing boys and girls and their guardians in Isefjord. Together with kids and parents from the French-Danish school Hawila Project organised STEAM [science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics]- a week of non-formal education workshops for kids taking place in breathtaking nature onboard Hawila and on a farm inland

Our little fellows have a chance to immerse themselves in practical knowledge on how to weld, make print on a T-shirt, program a robot, work with analog photography and sound.

Amongst the workshops there are also possibilities for adventurers to try sailing with Hawila, tree climbing, steering a little boat or challenge themselves when climbing the main mast.

Our amazing chefs provide delicious meals prepared from organic ingredients to fuel the body and spirits of the kids crew.

We are looking forward to the last days of workshops!