Our services

A link between the Caribbean and the Baltic

From Atlantic winter-crossing to summer-sailing in the Baltic and North Sea

Shipping cargo

Between the Caribbeans and Scandinavia, Hawila can transport your goods – and you.

Hawila’s cargo holds can contain up to 60 tons or 95m3 of goods. Her hatches and watertight panels allow the loading of large packages & pallets.

We will exclusively ship cargo in line with our values regarding sustainability and ethics, i.e., goods produced in a fair, organic and sustainable way, for which transportation is ethically agreeable.

If you are interested in shipping cargo across the Atlantic or within Europe, please contact us. We can put you in touch directly with our sailing cargo partners from Fair Transport or New Dawn Traders.

Sail along

Across the Atlantic or in European waters, Hawila can be your ethical voyage choice.

Hawila functions as a sailing training ship, with a dedication to develop and spread seafaring skills. She therefore welcomes people willing to discover the working life at sea.

With empty cargo holds, Hawila can take up to 25 trainees onboard.

If you are interested to sail with us, please contact us. You can also directly book and sail with our partners the brigantine Tres Hombres and the lugger Grayhound.

Educational and cultural events

Hawila can host you at sea and in harbours.

During summers, Hawila functions as a hosting platform, working for increasing public awareness for environment, shipping & economy, climate & social justice and the promotion of a fairer, clean, resilient & inclusive future.

Sailing activities are mostly held in Baltic areas, and could include cargo as a complement and part of the events.

If you would like to join us onboard during such events, propose an event or a collaboration in line with above-mentioned values, please contact us.