Reality check

The new year came with great energy after we obtained the land for building our future shipyard and craning out the ship, and with this came many ideas, meetings and conversations.

At the end of January, the Hawila core team organised a whole planning weekend at our friends in the neighbouring village of Skamstrup. Here we discussed not only our land project but also many other aspects of our organisation such as renewed budget, upcoming events and the future of our work. We are summarising this in a newly revised business plan that will be released soon. In February we also invited our good friend, architect Henrik Valeur and his intern Anna for a visit to our land and discussed together how to organise the shipyard infrastructures.

In addition to creating a functional shipyard space to rebuild Hawila’s bottom, we want to create a place that brings generations together, shares skills & knowledge and where culture happens. We are excited to be able to create a special place and are now looking for additional funding strategies to make this a reality.

If the plans of our land-based shipyard project appeal to you, we would appreciate any form of support – in words, contacts, skills or financially.
Just get in touch with!

Thank you very much!

Your very hopeful Hawila Crew