LIDAR scan of Hawila’s hull

Vivien – our volunteer naval architect – is working relentlessly on the actual and future drawings of Hawila. He bases most of his work on LIDAR 3D scans kindly made by our friend “StigAnton AN” from at the early stage of the refit and showing most of the elements of the ship’s hull.

From this, we have an accurate mapping of the ship used to determine the best possible way to design the new vessel.This serves multiple purposes: not only to provide dimensions for carpentry work in the current refit, but also to plan the whole layout (including piping, cabling, tanks, furniture, equipment and bulkheads), to assert the ship’s mass and stability until the final ballasting & inclination tests, to prepare Hawila for heightened safety requirements and regulations that will come with her new transatlantic life, to study the deformations of the hull, and as an extra, to document the architecture and transformations of an historical scandinavian ship. Hawila spent half of her life as a cargo ship, the other half as an educational sailing ship, and we hope to retain both sides of her history in her future.

Have a look at the preliminary drawings, there will be more details later about the whole mapping process and the design of the ship!