Into calm waters

With the work on the frames above the waterline now completed, the team has been working on the internal vessel structure to ensure structural integrity before the craning operation. The remaining bilge stringers and beam shelves were installed in the last weeks of January and the beginning of February. Thanks to Tom, Leo, Matthias, Jasmine, Peter, Chiara, Aymeric, Eleonore, Florence, Jonathan, Adrien, Jannel, Karoline, Sam, Clément and Ophélie for your tremendous efforts and fantastic work!
Now we have moved Hawila to where she will be craned out and lifted ashore. The carpenter team is taking a break until April but the office team will continue working hard on fundraising and organising.

While the building team is having a break, it is always worth taking a look at our ship and being reminded of how far we have come.
Over the last two years we have replaced about 90% of the frames, all of the stanchions, our keelson, made new samson posts, renewed all the beam shelves and bilge stringers, replaced all the deck beams, and much more.
All this was done by a strong group of volunteers and friends. We have also strengthened our team so much, acquired all the necessary tools and knowledge, learned new skills or developed old ones, we have grown in size and ambition but also we have grown together. We have met a lot of fantastic people who enriched us with their many skills, energy and know-how. And for this, we are very grateful, and are looking forward to the future encounters to come in this human adventure!