How to turn climate anxiety into climate action

“Recognise that your grief is rooted in something you love”
This video is the result of the summer tour “Ripples – the sailing circus show” aboard “Swallow” created in collaboration with Acting for Climate & Festival Norpas. The performance, which took place on the wooden sailing ship “Swallow”, reached many people and communities in Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Norway during the 2-month sailing tour in the summer of 2022. Moments of exchange took place everywhere – on land and at sea. We gathered important insights that can hopefully serve as inspiration for many.
Summarised in this video, the collective thoughts from these interactions are meant to help us to understand these overwhelming feelings that climate change triggers in us and inspire us to transform them into action.
– Our concern with the state of our planet and its climate triggers strong feelings in many. The care and love we have for our nature but also the fear, anger and sadness are part of our experiences when dealing with climate change and its global consequences.