How to make international touring sustainable

This video is the result of the project and circus tour “Ripples” created in collaboration with Acting for Climate & Festival Norpas.

“With the wind in our sails, the sound of the sea around us on a wooden ship without an engine, we set off on a voyage of inspiration for change…”
As creators, artists and performers we wish to bring our art to as many people as possible. However, this desire often conflicts with busy schedules, little time, money and flexibility. Often, this hectic pace means foregoing sustainable decisions. With all this in mind, we aim to do things differently and also with our last large-scale production we tested new waters – quite literally.
“Ripples – the sailing circus show” took place on the wooden sailing ship “Swallow” and was brought to audiences in Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Norway during the 2-month sailing tour in the summer of 2022. In this video, the crew and artistic team behind “Ripples” share what is necessary for an international tour to be more sustainable. We hope it serves as an inspiration for other professionals.
Video by Ananya Tanttu.