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Hawila Project

Education and Culture, by sail

Our mission

Advocate for environmental justice by means of education and culture.

Together, we can act for a more sustainable future!


Hawila aims at building awareness about globalisation along her route. We want to carry our mission to teach skills linked to traditional sailing and boat building, using natural and sustainable materials.


As art and games can open minds to create visions and actions, Hawila is used as a collaborative platform for performances and workshops around sustainability and traditional sailing.

Our projects

Since 2015, Hawila Project has been organising workshops about traditional craftsmanship, festivals, educational events and much more in collaboration with Danish municipalities, schools, local and international partners.

Turning the Tide 2019

15th of September 2019|

Turning the Tide 2019   Hawila sailed in the Baltic Sea alongside the German sailing boat Lovis, with the aim of raising awareness and engaging in debates around climate justice. In each [...]

Support Hawila Project

Join Hawila Project

At Hawila, we all offer our time and passion as dedicated volunteers. Our not-for-profit is always in need of financial support. If you like our mission, please consider contributing!

The amount donated will be used to refit, maintain and sail the vessel to promote a healthier maritime transport of goods, educating youngsters about sailing, and informing about the issues surrounding globalisation.

Payment details


Members benefits

Staysail membership: 200 DKK/year (27€/year)

You can’t sail without a staysail. You are fundamental for Hawila, we won’t go far without you.

  • Mandatory to sail and work with us
  • Join Hawila’s events
  • Join the general assembly
  • Support the project


Stormsail membership: 500 DKK/year (68€/year)

This is a small and strong sail that can withstand harsh conditions. During a storm it will help the boat continue sailing. With this membership you show us extra support. Thank you.

  • All previous benefits


Topsail membership: 100 DKK/month (13.5€/month)

This sail is set above another sail and is used to accelerate by catching lighter winds. Support us on a monthly basis to help us catch that light breeze and make us go faster.

  • All previous benefits
  • A treenail with your name will be hammered into the ship

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