Let’s transform our connection to nature by learning more about the plants that surround us, how we can use the wind to propel us forward and by exploring ideas and visions for our future!

The Hawila Project and Acting for Climate Learning Camp offers a variety of immersive workshops from the 22nd – 24th of September.

One leads the participants directly into nature for a sensory exploration of different plants and organisms in our local Scandinavian forests and meadows.

We will teach about their use and together will cook some of them into delicious meals. In another workshop, we give space to our bodies and minds and let them envision a future in which we live more sustainably.

Through movement and play, we will tap into our imagination, dreams and hopes for a better future.

Lastly, we will share experiences from the sea, another special space for exploration, transformation, and reconnection to the forces of nature, and teach about how using wind power and protecting our water are just as important factors in the fight against climate change.

If the weather allows we might also set sail ourselves!


FRIDAY Introduction & Welcoming activities

SATURDAY Foraging and plant walk with quiz at the local forest Sensory theatre and imagining utopia through movement and creativity Shared dinner & Social night

SUNDAY Tour on Hawila with a presentation about sustainable travel and carbon budget research Sailing in Holbæk Fjord with Kystliv Holbæk Farewell & Departure (possibility to depart on Monday)

Contact Karo if you have any questions: karoline@hawilaproject.org & +45 42 20 65 72

Bus, train, own car...
We need your arrival time at the Holbæk station on Friday (or later) so we can arrange to pick you up.
The camp ends on Sunday evening, but we will have accomodation until Monday 12:00.
All food served will be vegan.