Hawila needs you!

Hawila needs many hands, brains, a lot of time, some money, and a huge load of love!

Hawila is funded by individuals who share our vision of sustainable maritime transport and education. We are an independent and sustainable organisation that is aiming for a stable economic base.

We do not receive payments from brands, organisations or through affiliate partners. For the years 2020 to 2022, the EU Local Action Group (LAG fund) covered about 1/6th of our project.

At Hawila, we all dedicate our time and passion as unpaid volunteers. Almost all our work relies on the investment and support of people like you who share a common vision for an ethical and green transport.

There are multiple options to support either the association (one time donation or become a member) or the company (invest and become a co-owner).

All money donated will be used to pay for tools, equipment, and consumables with the aim to refit, maintain and sail the vessel. This will allow us to promote a healthier and more sustainable maritime transport culture, teach traditional seafaring skills and maritime crafts, and inform the public about the issues surrounding climate and environmental change.