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Hawila is looking for volunteers from March 2022 to June 2024 for major refit in Holbæk, Denmark.

The refit will last up to two years to convert Hawila into a commercial registered vessel with a transformation of the mess-room to allow the transport of cargo. The team will consist of 8-16 people. We aim to keep an enriching working atmosphere that sustains a good community life.

You will join as a volunteer. In addition to becoming part of the Hawila community, being hosted and provided wholesome meals we will make specific arrangements with each volunteer depending on the length of their volunteering period, their skills and previous experiences.

As a common reward, all volunteers will be offered days of sailing in exchange for their time and commitment. Specific details and arrangements will be explained once the application round will be closed. Tools and working clothes will be provided by Hawila but you are welcome to bring your own beloved toolbox. A minimum commitment of 1 month is required for all volunteers; we believe that’s the minimum to integrate within the community and sustain a continuous, efficient and interesting learning/volunteering experience.


  • shipwright
  • carpenter
  • boatbuilder
  • jack of all trades
  • photographer/videographer
  • communication/marketing expert
  • administration and/or law specialist/support

From Summer 2023

  • blacksmith
  • sailmakers
  • riggers
  • electricians
  • mechanics

Refit plan

Total rebuilt, so everything from framing, to deck beam work, to planking below and above water line, keel work (mid-ship keelson, keel bolts), caulking, decking, rigging work, layout and inside work, electrics, plumbery, nav instruments, sailmaking.

How to join us?

If you are interested, or you would like to explore more opportunities to work with us, contact us at

Fair Winds!

The Hawila Crew