Video: fairing and hanging the first ceiling plank

Since undertaking the major reframing operation whilst on the slipway, we have now relaunched Hawila and are very happy to be afloat once again! The planks have been slowly taking up and the seams are now tight. We have been busy fairing the inside of the frames to accept the ceiling planks and bilge stringers, which will help to produce the rigidity of the ship fore and aft.

Fairing is to shape the frames by planing and sanding to produce a fair and even curve and allows us to fasten the ceiling plank tightly to the surface of the frames. Having completed the fairing in the bow, our team wasted no time in hanging the first ceiling plank. The oak plank is steamed for two hours to make it sufficiently pliable so that it can be bent into shape and fastened to the frames. Once fixed, it adds rigidity to the fore and aft strength of the ship.