Fair Transport came to visit Hawila in Holbaek

Last week, Joop and Sabine, the directors of Fairtransport, came to Denmark to visit us and S/V Hawila, which is currently being refitted as a sailing cargo vessel.
Fair Transport are the pioneers of the sailing cargo community with their iconic engineless brigantine Tres Hombres. They have been crossing the Atlantic for more than a decade loaded with 40 tons of rum, coffee and chocolate. They have extensive experience in sailing cargo and the management of sail cargo operations, as well as a large network of like-minded people and partners.
Their visit meant a lot to us because at Hawila we intend to join the community of sailing cargo vessels, and we share lots of similar values and visions with Fair Transport. Joop and Sabine can relate to the challenges of such an extensive refit as they have gone through a similar process in the early days of Tres Hombres. They shared their stories of success and failures that enabled them to develop and establish themselves as the great transport company they are today.
We are excited to join the sailing cargo community with Hawila and work more closely with Fair Transport in the future, thank you for your visit!
Stay tuned for upcoming updates on our collaborations!