How can we work on environmental issues through creative processes and theatre?


On the 27th and 28th of October we organised theatre workshops to explore together how to combine environmental awareness and performance art! On Saturday, the 29th of October we presented the results to the public and informed more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, which give the framework of this project.

The project was led by Despina Tzemi, Tessa Dening and Anna Ach and is a collaboration between Hawila Project, Kystliv Centre, Stenhus Gymnasium and UngHolbæk.

In the workshops, the team used theatre techniques such as storytelling and improvisation. They implemented material used on previous projects of theirs and worked with educational card games based on the 17 SDGs to help facilitate their practice. The overall vision is to create a theatre performance in the summer of 2023.

Part of the material used for this project is inspired by the Erasmus+ project ‘Living with the Ecosystems’, a project that promotes environmental and civic awareness among people and pupils through performing arts. Another project has been the creation of a theatre play for kindergarten kids focusing on SDG 14 ‘Life Below Water‘, performed at Kystliv centre.