Performance art workshops


In the last week of October, we held theatre workshops exploring the question: How can we implement environmental issues in creative processes displayed through art and theatre?

Through the different exercises, led by Despina Tzemi, Tessa Dening and Anna Ach, the participants engaged with environmental topics through physical movement instead of wordy discussions. Part of the material used for this project was inspired by the Erasmus+ project ‘Living with the Ecosystems’, a project that promotes environmental and civic awareness among people and pupils through performing arts.
For the artistic team, the workshops were a great opportunity to engage with the youth on environmental topics and to take their reflections into account for the final theatre play planned for Summer 2023.

The 50 students of the local Stenhus Gymnasium learnt to work closely with each other, tried to approach environmental questions in a new way and learnt how to express themselves through their bodies.

The project was a collaboration between Hawila Project, Stenhus Gymnasiumand Kystliv Holbæk. It was made possible with the financial support of the Holbæk municipality.