Our mission is to sail cargo emission-free and inspire others to act for change

Our vessel Hawila will sail cargo to create the missing link in an otherwise sustainable supply chain for organic products.

Emission-free transport

Our ship Hawila will be sailing 60 tons of organic products as well as trainees across the Atlantic, in an emission-free way, showing that respectful, ethical, and clean transport is possible.


Hawila will be used as a cultural and educational platform, to raise environmental awareness, and contribute to pushing the global shipping industry towards a sustainable, carbon-free transport culture.

Our story

We are a group of professionals with various backgrounds concerned by the climate crisis and united by the need to confront the current maritime transport industry.

In 2014, we had the first encounter with a Norwegian 35 m wooden galease named Hawila and we organised to take care of the vessel to join the movement of emission free cargo shipping.

Since then, we built a strong community around Hawila and she became the center of our inspiration and activities.

Together, we can solve modern-day challenges, with a progressive approach inspired by the wisdom of traditional maritime craftsmanship and knowledge!

Our company: a co-op model

A cooperative structure

We strongly believe that cooperative company structures are a necessary ingredient of and a catalyst for a sustainable future, where money will circulate within an ethical and green market.

In our cooperative model, Hawila is shared between our users: individuals, users, all employees, and our non-profit association Hawila Project.

cargo by sail

Become a co-owner of Hawila

We are now opening the opportunity for individuals to purchase shares in our cooperative and support Hawila’s ongoing reconstruction as a sailing cargo- and training ship.

By becoming co-owner of Hawila, you will receive free sailing trips and many additional benefits. Learn more.

For more information, please fill in the form below, and we will reply to you with our business plan and co-ownership benefits:

hawila sailing hawila cargo by sail

Our vessel

From historic to modern cargo vessel

A total rebuild to give Hawila back its original purpose: transport cargo

Rebuilding Hawila

A mix between traditional craftmanship, modernity and sustainability

Carpenters and shipwrights placing the steamed bilge stringers, Hawila's refit

Our team

our team at Hawila

Professional core team

A large network of professionals qualified in many fields, capable of fulfilling the needs of the moment: boatbuilders, shipwrights, carpenters, metalworkers, electricians, but also engineers, climate scientists, business-, law-, communications- and media experts.

Scarfing our 18m long wooden mast, Hawila cargo by sail


A substantial international pool of well-motivated and dedicated volunteers with a great variation of professional backgrounds and skills and an eagerness to teach and learn. By joining Hawila, they see an opportunity to live in a thriving community, to learn new skills and perfect the ones they come with.

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Partners & supporters

We have strong partners on the cargo side, willing to fill our cargo holds with goods through their network, as the demand for clean transportation of sustainable products by far exceeds the cargo capacities currently available.

We have received funding from the European Union through LAG Mid-Northwest Zealand.

We are conveniently located in Holbaek, one of Denmark’s hubs for maritime transportation and wooden ship building, Here we get strong support from local boatbuilding- and cultural organisations.